An Injury to One

An Injury to One

An Injury to One (USA 2002)
R: Travis Wilkerson; 53 Min; OV

+ National Archive V.1 (USA 2001, 15 Min)

Einst Kupferminen-Boomtown, ist Butte heute eine Arbeiterstadtruine neben dem Giftteich. „Poisonville“ heißt die Stadt in Dashiell Hammetts Krimimeisterwerk Red Harvest, inspiriert von seinen Erlebnissen als Pinkerton-Detektiv rund um die Ermordung des Gewerkschafters Frank Little zwecks ungestörter Profitmaximierung durch die Monopolfirma Anaconda Mining Co. im Jahr 1917. Dies ist auch ein Schlüsselereignis von Travis Wilkersons zornig-melancholischer Bestandsaufnahme AN INJURY TO ONE. (Österreichiches Filmmuseum)

AN INJURY TO ONE provides a corrective—and absolutely compelling—glimpse of a particularly volatile moment in early 20th century American labor history: the rise and fall of Butte, Montana. Specifically, it chronicles the mysterious death of Wobbly organizer Frank Little, a story whose grisly details have taken on a legendary status in the state. Much of the extant evidence is inscribed upon the landscape of Butte and its surroundings. Thus, a connection is drawn between the unsolved murder of Little, and the attempted murder of the town itself.
„Most of all, AN INJURY TO ONE is a film about a system: a dossier on capitalism and its discontents. Wilkerson delivers his indictment in a clipped, incantatory, even-keeled voice-over. He combines archival images with striking landscape shots, uses graphics and text as strategic punctuation and induces an atmosphere of melancholy rumination with music by Will Oldham, Jim O’Rourke and others. In his voice-over, Wilkerson repeatedly refers to Little as someone with an „image of a different kind of world.“ Not least among its many virtues, AN INJURY TO ONE makes it possible to imagine a different kind of cinema.“ (Dennis Lim)

DO 2.1. 19:00; SA 4.1. 20:15

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