The Island of St. Matthews

the island of st matthews

The Island of St. Matthews (USA 2013)
R: Kevin Jerome Everson; 64 Min; ProRes Quicktime; OV

1973 tritt im US-Bundesstaat Mississippi der Tombigbee River über die Ufer. In der Flut verlieren auch die Eltern des Filmemachers alles, was ihnen und den nachfolgenden Generationen als Erinnerungsstück hätte dienen können. Eine Rekonstruktion der Ereignisse. Eine Flussbeschwörung.

Kevin Jerome Everson’s inquiry into what happened to some old family photos turns into an examination of loss. An unusual blend of documentary and avant-garde modes that broaches the historical, the theological, the economic, and the personal, Everson film provides cinematic postcards showing his ancestral homeland, turned through his sumptuous 16mm cinematography to a poem and paean to the citizens of Westport, a community just west of Columbus, Mississippi, here seen and heard reminiscing about the 1973 flood of the Tombigbee River. (Adam Sekuler)

SA 4.1. 19:00; DO 9.1. 18:45

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