The Past Is Present – Kurzfilmprogramm

The Past is Present – Kurzfilmprogramm
Die zunehmende Beschleunigung unserer Erfahrung führt manchmal zu einer übermässigen Romantisierung der Vergangenheit. Diese Zusammenstellung von Filmen zeigt Arbeiten von Künstlern, die mittels zeitgenössischer Filmpraktiken auf Themen der Vergangenheit durch Gedächtnis, Verlust, Umdeutung, Veralterung und Neuerfindung antworten. (Adam Sekuler)

As our experience of time continues to accelerate, we sometimes overly romanticizes the past. This collection of films offers artists who through contemporary filmmaking practices respond to themes of the past through memory, loss, reinterpretation, obsolescence, and reinvention. (Adam Sekuler)

Time Exposure

Time Exposure by (USA 2011)
R: Alfred Guzzetti; 11 Min; HDCAM; OV
A meditation on a photograph of a South Philadelphia street taken by the filmmaker’s father in 1938 – its origins, its consequences, the place it portrays.

U. of Virginia Charlottesville, VA 1976 (USA 2013)
R: Kevin Jerome Everson, Claudrena Harold; 11 Min, digital; OV
Based on a photograph taken in the mid 1970s of two African Americans playing foosball.

Skinningrove (USA 2012)
R: Michael Almereyda; 15 Min; digital; OV
In this intimate and moving film, Almereyda probes photographer Chris Kilip’s memory of a small isolated fishing village in Northern England through the photographer’s unpublished photos.

Pittsburgh 8/5/68 (USA 2013)
R: Ted Kennedy; 3 Min; digital; OV
Pittsburgh 8/5/68 and Pittsburgh 8/16/68 are part of a series of films based on the original 16mm camera rolls from a Pittsburgh TV news station during 1968/69.

Verses (USA 2012)
R: James Sansing; 4 Min; 35mm
Several decades worth of old, moldering institutional ledgers reveal delicate and beautiful abstractions in James Sansing’s stunning 35mm short.

I Remember: A Film About Joe Brainard (USA 2012)
R: Matt Wolf; 25 Min; Blu-ray; OV
Using found footage and archival audio and visual materials to construct his narrative Matt Wolf creates a memento-like reenactment of Joe Brainard’s poem I REMEMBER. Composed by an ongoing flux of recollections and images, the film maintains the fast cadency of the Brainard’s text while creating an elliptical dialog about friendship, nostalgia, and the strange wonders of memory in this biographical account of the American artist and writer.

August and After (USA 2012)
R: Nathaniel Dorsky; 18 Min; 16mm; OV
After a lifetime, two mutual friends, George Kuchar and Carla Liss, passed away during the same period of time.

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