1. bis 19. Januar 2010

Two Lovers (James Gray, USA 2009)

Adventureland (Greg Mottola, USA 2008)
Afterschool (Antonio Campos, USA 2008)
Alexander the last (Joe Swanberg, USA 2009)
Anvil! The Story of Anvil (Sacha Gervasi, USA 2008)
Everything Strange and New (Frazer Bradshaw, USA 2008)
The Exploding Girl (Bradley Rust Gray, USA 2008)
The GoodTimesKid (Azazel Jacobs, USA 2005)
Guy and Madeleine on a Park Bench (Damien Chazelle, USA 2009)
Go Get Some Rosemary (Josh and Benny Safdie, USA 2009)
Harmony and Me (Bob Byington, USA 2009)
The Juche Idea (Jim Finn, USA 2008)
Largo (Andrew van Baal, Mark Flanagan, USA 2008)
Nobody Needs to Know (Azazel Jacobs, USA 2003)
October Country (Michael Palmieri, Donal Mosher, USA 2009)
The Reinactors (Dave Markey, USA 2008)
Rocaterrania (Brett Ingram, USA 2008)
Trust Us, This Is All Made Up (Alex Karpovsky, USA 2009)
The Visitor (Tom McCarthy, USA 2008)

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