To celebrate this 8th edition of the festival and the Berlin Premiere of Brigitta Wagner’s film ROSEHILL, Monarch will be hosting a colorful party. You will dance to the sound of two Berlin based bands; Hekla, a Swedish-Australian- German five-piece who play a floating drama psych-pop mix drawing from doomed Shangri-Las, Swedish folk music and wavy 80s synth adventures, and Gym Tonic a brand new synth-punk/new wave four-piece with members from Canada and France, playing hyped up songs about carsickness, vitamin injections and nuclear disasters. DJ Lobotomy will keep the party going with his mix of 60´s, soul, punk, garage hits and hidden gems.

THU 9.6, 21:00 Monarch
Tickets: €9 / €6 with any Unknown Pleasures ticket stub!